The future I would like to do no margin on the edge of a orchid, not Muqunyanyan, but Wen Youxian Xian. And the landscape as a companion, with the sun and the moon with joy. I come and not come, you are in my eyes, immortal. Quietly wait and see, will you into my deep eyes for you. Only one eye, it has been years. This life is willing to Buddha before a lotus, in a curtain quiet dream laugh dust. For your past five hundred times look back, long in the road you must pass by, so you dance together for a long time long.

Misty rain away, desire to wear, Jiangnan water Jiangnan good. Sauvignon Blanc, want to spend, Jiangnan misty Jiangnan recall. Bibo Ying, showers, Jiangnan Fengjiang Jiangnan love. Acacia species, Mo wrong, Jiangnan dream dream Jiangnan. Such as a Sichuan misty rain, late rain smoke Huan Xisha. Dream of a Jiangnan, Jiangnan influx of hope. For you, the book is done. For you, dumping mountains and rivers. For you, my Jiangnan my dream.

Spring breeze into the dream soft, Xiaoxiao night rain quiet eyes, love also long, read also long. Desert light cold, alone on the West Wing, flying like a dream, misty rain, such as worry. Love is not off, hate is not off, curtains westerly thin. Mo on the flowers, spring and blue sky, such as hooks. Zitherless, string with the wind, brush the red sleeves, Qing Yin shallow singing, off Guan Ju dove, heart like a boat boat. Startled but looked back, half of the new words stacked spring day.

Gazing at the beginning, see a smile, complex and heart. Thousands of miles of dust, laugh at the unintentional. Zeni Acacia, pull Jun accompanied. A spring and moon months, thousands of return to the tragedy. Light eyebrow, single dress, two eyes Zhu sand tears, Jian Jia and green. Night is not the central, Spring Night remnants difficult to think. Pillow a curtain quiet dream, poetry a chapter. Look at what is thousands of sails where the heart is transitory man, ten years of life and death two vast.

The text of the woman in the mood of the United States, such as poetic elegance, and occasionally will be sad in the third of love, indulge in the text of the landscape. The text of the man modest and refined, wise tenderness, and occasionally ink to write irrelevant words, but my heart is inextricably linked. The text of the people, if you approached, you will be touched by the true, that love situation. If you know, you will heart of that pure, that share the United States. People who appreciate the text is worth cherishing,